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Our mission: To provide effective legal representation to our clients at a value not found elsewhere, while adhering to the highest ethical standards of integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

We have served our clients and our community since 1982, concentrating our practice in the major areas of concern for individuals, families, and small businesses. Those areas include both litigation and transactional law, such as Personal Injury, Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Law, and Real Estate Law. Read more… 

Through our Litigation practice, we solve problems, resolving legal disputes through settlement, arbitration, or trial. We have a reputation for tenacious yet fair advocacy, both in bringing lawsuits and defending them.

Through our transaction practice, we implement preventive law by preparing and reviewing documents that are necessary to protect the personal and business interests of our clients. We counsel our clients on how to prevent legal disputes. If a dispute is unavoidable, we show them how to minimize its impact on their families and businesses.

Stephen G. Bell is the recipient of the highest accolade, the prestigious “AV” rating, from Martindale-Hubbell, our country’s most trusted source for identifying qualified attorneys. Mr. Bell’s rating is the result of an extensive confidential review and assessment of his legal abilities and ethics conducted by judges and attorneys in Metropolitan St. Louis. The AV rating indicates very high to preeminent legal ability, expertise, and qualifications, and the highest professional reputation for adherence to standards of conduct, ethics, reliability, and diligence. Less than 8% of attorneys practicing today in Metropolitan St. Louis have earned the AV rating. Read more…

What Sets Us Apart

  • Success, as measured by client satisfaction and only client satisfaction. Our results are unsurpassed. 
  • Excellence in the practice of law, as recognized by attorneys and judges. Our firm holds the prestigious “AV” rating, which is the highest grade that can be achieved by an attorney for legal ability, reliability, diligence, and adherence to ethical standards.
  • Experience and superior knowledge of the law in our areas of practice, derived from the exclusive practice in those areas since 1982.
  • Efficiency and value from handling only cases in our areas of practice.
  • Trust, earned since 1982 with St. Louis area doctors, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents, and other professionals for whom we have handled legal issues, as well as those of their families, friends, and associates.
  • Swift and efficient service, achieving client satisfaction proven by client testimonials.
AV Legal Award